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The country’s history starts with our own history and heritage.

Visiting the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

Where and what is the Jefferson Memorial? The location and architecture of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial make it stand out among DC’s amazing array of monuments and memorials . Designed by John Russell Pope in 1925, the memorial resembles the Pantheon in Rome, an adaptation of Neoclassical...

@roy_howell4 - Nighttime at the Jefferson Memorial - Monuments and Memorials in Washington, DC
How Can I Tour the White House in Washington, DC?

Due to the coronavirus crisis, tours are currently being conducted on Fridays and Saturdays, between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. The number of allowed guests has also been reduced. Requesting a White House tour Touring the White House requires some advance planning. Public tour requests must be made through...

The White House
10 Ways to Pay Tribute This Veterans Day in Washington, DC

Many of the monuments and memorials in the nation’s capital honor servicemen and women, shedding light on the immense sacrifices that the U.S. Armed Forces have made to protect this country. On Veterans Day (Nov. 11), as well as the days before and after, virtual and in-person commemorations make...

Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Veterans Day - Washington, DC
8 Must-See Monuments & Memorials on the National Mall

According to the American Institute of Architects, half of Americans’ top 12 favorite architectural gems line the National Mall . There’s no denying the significance of the Mall for its symbols to American history and for its uniquely designed monuments. Check them all out here, then it's time to...

@travelmemories74 - Visitors at the World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial - National Mall in Washington, DC
8 Ghost Tours Sure to Spook You in Washington, DC

This Halloween season , consider a fright-inducing walking ghost tour through Washington, DC. The following tours, many of which are year-round, will have you delightfully spooked as you attempt to walk from haunt to haunt in some of DC's oldest neighborhoods. Please observe the safety guidelines...

U.S. Capitol - Full Moon - Washington, DC
Visiting the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, DC

Since its opening in 1993 in the historic City Post Office Building, the Smithsonian National Postal Museum has served to honor and celebrate America’s proud postal history. Located next to Union Station in DC’s NoMa neighborhood , the museum houses a vast collection of stamps, historic artifacts...

@abroadwife - Family at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum - Free museum in Washington, DC
3 Days of African American History & Heritage in Washington, DC

Disclaimer: Please note that due to COVID-19, some attractions detailed below may be closed or have limited hours. Please visit our dedicated page for more information.

MLK Memorial at Night - National Mall - Washington, DC
Guide to Visiting the Washington Monument

After years of extensive renovations, the Washington Monument reopened to the public on Sept. 19, 2019 with a modernized elevator and increased long-term reliability and safety. After recently being closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, visitors are now able to book tours as of Oct. 1...

Washington Monument
Visiting the Library of Congress in Washington, DC

What and where is the Library of Congress? The Library of Congress is housed across three buildings on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC: the Thomas Jefferson Building (10 1st Street SE), the James Madison Memorial Building (101 Independence Avenue SE) and the John Adams Building (2nd Street SE,...

@eandmbambrick - Exploring the Library of Congress - Washington, DC
Holidays in the White House: First Family Traditions

Holidays at the White House are a family affair…with thousands of guests. Each December, the president and their family deck the White House’s halls and opens the doors for dozens of parties and public tours. It’s a big job to prepare the country’s most famous residence for a month of celebrations...

The White House and the National Christmas Tree - Presidential Holiday Traditions in Washington, DC