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Where Can I Park in Washington, DC?

Washington, DC Skyline at Night - The Capital of the United States of America

Your guide to finding a place to park in the nation's capital.

It’s important to remember that Washington, DC is a metropolitan city with safe, efficient public transportation options. We strongly encourage you to consider these options instead of driving. For Metrorail and Metrobus options, visit For DC Circulator, the red bus that makes local stops in many of DC’s most popular neighborhoods, visit

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Street parking and parking garages

Your two best bets for parking in DC are parking garages and street parking. If you choose to park, there are several resources to help you explore the best options.

ParkWhiz is a fast and convenient way to find and book parking before arriving in the nation's capital. Make your trip stress-free by comparing prices around town and reserving your space online.

Visit before you arrive to read up on parking options in DC. There are many privately owned garages that will cost you roughly $10 to $30 or more, depending on how many hours you are parked. Laz Parking and Colonial Parking also feature valet services and garages around town.

Many commuters also park in these DC garages, so keep in mind they tend to fill up early. During special events (for instance, during a hockey game at the Verizon Center), prices at nearby garages may go up even higher.

DC also has street parking in most neighborhoods. Pay close attention to posted signs, as most parking spots have restricted hours (during rush hour, for example). Parking restrictions are strictly enforced and violators may find a parking ticket on their windshield (or worse, towed). Most parking is metered and many accept cash or credit cards.

Keep in mind that both street and garage parking is especially hard to find around many of the monuments and memorials and near the White House.

You may also choose to park at your hotel. Check with your hotel for rates before you arrive. Handicapped parking is available at most parking garages. DC also recognizes out-of-state handicapped stickers and plaque cards, allowing parking access at all parking meters.

You can also download SpotHero to your phone to find a spot for your vehicle around town.

Washington, DC Metro Station - Public Transportation Options in DC

Parking at the Metro

If you’re staying outside of DC proper and want to Metro to the city, parking at one of the lots at suburban Metro stations is a good option.

Many commuters do this on a daily basis, so these parking lots can also fill up fast early in the morning. Daily rates vary by station, but you can expect to pay between $4.60 and $5.10. Find specific rates for each station on WMATA’s parking pageSmarTrip cards are the only valid form of payment for both parking lots and to ride Metro. The rechargeable cards can be purchased at any Metro station.

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